EXTREMELY proud to announce that my original score for 'CALM WITH HORSES' has been officially nominated in the 'Best Original Film Score' category in the Ivor Novello Awards 2021

This is a huge honour and I find myself amongst some amazing company in the nominations list. 

The winners will be announced on 21st September 2021.

Thanks to everyone involved. MORE SOON....


'MIND KILLER' released on ltd. vinyl / Out on WEIRDING WAY

I'm very happy to announce the vinyl release of 'MIND KILLER' on May 14th via my own label WEIRDING WAY.

Recorded in April 2020 at the beginning of lockdown, 'Mind Killer' is an improvised and original live-streamed performance. Using a core setup of the Korg VOLCA series (Beats, Bass, Sample and Keys) the result is a 40+ minute long freeform voyage into improvised techno and loop-work. The only alteration to the live recording is a slight edit in length to fit onto a piece of vinyl. 

The release is EXTREMEMLY limited with only one black pressing of 1,000 copies worldwide.

PRE-ORDER for the Blanck Mass Official Webstore HERE or the Sacred Bones Webstore HERE

Don't sleep on it,

Blanck Mass x




The new Blanck Mass LP 'IN FERNEAUX' is officially released TODAY via the ever amazing Sacred Bones Records

I'm extremely happy to be able to share this one with you. These are trying times for all of us and I hope this record gives you a little insight into where my head has been at.

Grab your physical copy from the offical Blanck Mass Webstore or digitally from Itunes or your preferred digital retailer.

Thanks for always listening, 

Blanck Mass



I'm EXTREMELY happy to announce the release of 'IN FERNEAUX' LP on 26th February this year. I can't wait for you to be able to hear this one.

It will be released by Sacred Bones Records and it's creation took a slightly different approach from that which I am used to. The LP is made up of two long-form movements (PHASE I & PHASE II) and branches out into a great deal of sonic territory. It was made during a particularly trying time and doing so was incredibly cathartic. So I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

Pre-orders are up and running at the BLANCK MASS OFFICIAL STORE or the SACRED BONES WEBSITE 

You can listen to an initial excerpt from 'PHASE I' named 'STARSTUFF' HERE

Some words on IN FERNEAUX below:

What is the utility of pain? Can it do anything but fester? In Ferneaux explores pain in motion, building audio-spatial chambers of experience and memory. Using an archive of field recordings from a decade of global travels, isolation gave Blanck Mass an opportunity to make connections in a moment when being together is impossible. The record is divided into two long-form journeys that gather the memories of being with now-distant others through the composition of a nostalgic travelogue. The journeys are haunted with the vestiges of voices, places, and sensations. These scenes alternate with the building up and releasing of great aural tension, intensities that emerge from the trauma of a personal grieving process which has perhaps embraced its rage moment.

An encounter with a prophetic figure on the streets of San Francisco presented the question of “how to handle the misery on the way to the blessing.” This is the quandary of the impasse we now all find ourselves in, trapped in our little caves, grappling with the unease of the self at rest – without movement, without the consumerist agenda of “new experiences.” The possibility of growth, always defined by our connections with others, held in limbo. Sartre said that “Hell is other people,” but perhaps this is the Inferno of the present: the space of sitting with the self.

A blessing is often thought of as a future reward, above and beyond the material plane. With In Ferneaux, Blanck Mass wrangles the immanent materials of the here-and-now to build a sense of transcendence. Here, the uncanny angelic hymn sits comfortably beside the dirge. The misery and blessing are one.

Stay safe out there,

Blanck Mass



OKAY. extremely excited to announce this one. DEFTONES are releasing their 'White Pony' remix album 'BLACK STALLION' on 11th Decemebr this year and I was asked to remix 'ELITE'. Can't wait for you all to share this with you.

Pre-order 'Black Stallion' HERE